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Fibre de Verre Gauthier sells support columns in Saint-Jérôme.

Standard Columns
Fluted columns
Structura Columns

Standard Columns

Reliable and economical, simple and easy to match, the 2000 and 3000 Series columns are available in different heights, depending on your needs.

Columns, Laval
Columns, Laval

Fluted columns

Can cover an existing support column, the Fluted column is available round or square. It is available in several sizes, both in height and diameter and is affordable. Also available as posts.

Structura Columns

A new design, an innovation from Aluminium Distinction. The Structura column is elegant yet robust and can withstand heavy loads. Also available in Alubois, it is also available as posts.

Columns, Laval

3 types of support columns

We offer 3 types of support columns: the Standard column, the Fluted column andthe Structura column. The standard 2000 and 3000 series columns are reliable and economical. To cover an existing column, opt for the fluted column.

Rounded or square in shape, this product is available in different heights and dimensions. Structura columns are manufactured by Aluminium Distinction. They can support heavy loads and are supplied in the form of posts.

Our columns can support heavy loads

Columns, Laval

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Additional elegance for your property

Our support columns can be installed in residential or commercial buildings. Aesthetically, they offer infinite possibilities. They will also add elegance to your front door, your gate, your patio or your outside staircase.

Besides the supply of support columns, we also carry out patio repair and resurfacing work. Since the creation of our company, we have provided numerous support columns to private individuals, businesses and general contractors in Laval and the surrounding area

Our columns can be installed on different types of buildings

Columns, Laval

Our company has developed a fantastic reputation on the Montreal North Shore, notably in :